CODE OF CONDUCT | 9 4. Dealing with external partners 4.1. Fair and respectful conduct We always treat customers, suppliers and authorities fairly and respectfully. 4.2. Fair competition We are committed to fair competition by adhering to competition law as well as the antitrust law. For our employees, this means consultations/agreements with competitors, in particular as regards prices, capacities, submitting bogus bids or non-competition are strictly forbidden. We expect our business partners to also ensure fair competition on their own responsibility. 4.3. Anti-corruption We want to acquire our customers exclusively through the quality of our products and services. All employees are therefore strictly forbidden to promise or give third persons monetary pay- ments, inappropriate gifts, other advantages or preferential treatment that (may) make the WALTER GROUP company anti-competitive. By third persons, we mean in particular suppliers, customers, authorities, lobbyists and private individuals. Similarly employees are not permitted to gain advantages from their position in the company. Non-observance of this stipulation is considered to be a deliberate violation of company interests.